Employee referral programs

Probably the biggest impact of social media in recruitment is the ability for a smart company to put a smart employee referral program in place. Most employees now have about 150 contacts in their social graph. That’s about 12000 contacts in a 100 person company – with a some discount for cross over.

Managed properly employee referral programs can account for over 50% of all new hires. We recommend checking out Zartis to see how they’ve integrated it referrals into their applicant tracking system.

Recent response to social media and social recruiting

In a recent blog post by social recruiting expert Andy Headworth on employers response to the mention of social media. Andy outlines four main responses;

Ignore it completely and hope it goes away
Know it is there but just won’t listen or acknowledge it
Happy, because you KNOW the potential it has for you and your company

I find these responses very common among small and medium sized businesses that I talk to. Check out my short video below for why you need to be using social media for your business.