Jobs Fiend Video Guide to: Setting-up and Using Social Recruitment Software

This guide will take you through how to set-up and use social recruitment software. In this video we will be using Zartis which is designed for small and medium sized businesses. There is other software out there but Zartis has a free started account and is very easy to use.

Why use social recruitment software?

It saves you time, money and takes the hassle out of recruitment making it easy to manage the whole process.

How does it work?

Basically you sign up online and post a job through your account. The job is then published to your website, twitter, facebook, free job boards and an SEO and mobile friendly jobs site which Zartis creates for your website.

Candidates apply for a role through any of the channels above and receive a thank you email. You receive notification of the application and log into your secure talent pool to review, rate and respond to applicants  using an automated system.

There’s no programming required and it’s easy to use. Take a look at the video to see how to get yourself set up and how it all works.